Welcome to the 14th edition of the Nollywood excellence and leadership award, also known as ‘the Nelas academy awards, and the queen of Nollywood 2019-2020 coronation.

The prestigious Nelas honorees started at the artists’ village, the national theatre Lagos Nigeria in 2003 by me as the founder and president, and i have researched and published biographical articles about the lives and achievements of over 500 top personalities and celebrities around the world through my publishing outfit Urbanmingles media group.

The Nelas academy awards are presented to encourage and celebrate personalities and activities that expand and enhance the portrayals of the African rich cultural heritage in all forms of global media advocacy and legacy projects. The award itself is a lifetime testimony of momentous contributions in the human capacity developments, skill acquisitions, entrepreneurial and economic empowerments.

Before i go further let me briefly restate that ‘the Nelas academy award’ presentations are the outcome of a wide range of research conducted annually by the members of the Nelas academy in collaboration with the queen of Nollywood academy of Nigeria. The brand also has subsidiaries like “the Nelas hall of fame” “and “the Nelas top 100 most influential personalities”, and most recently in the process to launch “the Nelas Tv”.

Though i have before me a brand concept of the most challenging kind in Nollywood since 2003, of which to the best of my knowledge has gone beyond the reach of criticism or attack from those who do not understand what i stands for; and i believe it is time to wage a war against monstrous beings who only operate cowardly in the dark assassinating hardworking people’s character in the name of competition or organizing similar awards.

For those who genuinely care about the Nelas academy award brand being abused by some lazy opportunity seekers and gold diggers around the world especially in the united kingdom, please be kind to bear with me, i choose not to be distracted by anything unrelated to the ultimate goal of organizing and hosting Africa’s most prestigious event, and today right here in this prestigious hall of the Nicon luxury Abuja “the Nelas academy awards” is a testimony of accomplishment, to the glory of God!

Leader’s obligation is to make possible an environment where people he led can learn, innovate, explore and aspire to be great; and that was exactly what i did when i issued a license and certificate for “the Nelas awards” to be hosted in London in 2017.

As an innovative, entrepreneurial and future oriented person, i strongly refused to tolerate mediocrity, even as we have great challenges and great opportunities in Nollywood i believe that nobody has the right to block other people progress, nobody has the right to distract those aspiring to be successful, nobody has the right to kill other people’s dream and lastly nobody has the right to determine other people’s future, and i stand to be proved otherwise.

Those aspiring to join the creative industry especially Nollywood, must always remember that integrity is the most valuable and respected quality when it comes to signing partnership contracts, we’ll always have failures, setbacks, disappointments, and betrayals, but what we do during those valleys determine the strength of our struggle and that is why I ignored certain elements in London since 2017 because they don’t actually worth my precious time.

The 21st century innovations has made it easier for people to research, learn, be creative and stop pirating or stealing people’s ideas because it is unjust, criminal, wicked and ungodly.

The 14th Nelas academy awards is a testimony that Africa and Africans including those in the Diaspora has woken up to the challenges and mental slavery blindfolding us, we can only be strong and succeed when we work together, we can achieve unbelievable wonders when we support and encourage ourselves.

Even though we have our brothers and sisters in Hollywood doing great, and also practitioners in Asaba, Lagos, Owerri, London, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Accra producing great movies and music, but I still insist that Africans and those in the Diaspora must join hands together to pursue a common goal which is to make the black race proud of his cultural heritage anywhere they find themselves around the world.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen we can only achieve respect and greatness by telling our stories through books, shows, movies, music and of cause premiering our films at the world best cinemas and film festivals.

I am proud of my team who made everything possible this year including our partners, friends, sponsors and international consultants.. Among the highlights of this year’s Nelas academy award is the introduction of the Nelas top 100 most influential personalities 2019-2020 edition which is expected to be launched in several countries of the world in 2020, and i encourage those receiving their awards tonight to participate in the publication and also support it financially to enable the circulation go worldwide.

The Nelas top 100 most influential personalities alongside the Nelas academy award are strategically created to collect, preserve, interpret, and display pictographic items of artistic and cultural significance for the education of the general public especially fans, critics and researchers of the African history, films and articles related to pan African entrepreneurs, politicians, cultural ambassadors, philanthropists, celebrities and public servants who have distinguished themselves in their areas of expertise. People whose ideas, whose example and talent noted to have impacted positively to mankind, especially Africans.

As i welcome you to the 14th edition of the Nelas academy award, and also congratulating the nominees, eventual winners and crowned queens of Nollywood and Nelas ambassadors, always remember that this honor is a remarkable tribute to your personality, position and career, and also a clear indication of your leadership strides and consistency which earned you the nomination.

I sincerely appreciate all the supports and encouragements from our domestic and international partners whom without them this dream would not have come through.

I thank you once again and do enjoy the show.

Comrade Frank Ikegwuonu

President & Founder