Dr Pauline Long is a AUGP NOBEL PEACE PRIZE recipient. A multi-award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, media mogul, public speaker, peace activist, mentor, leader, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on Black Women In Europe Powerlist, named the most outstanding woman of the year (2016), Europe’s most powerful woman for changing many lives through BEFFTA and named The Most Philanthropic Woman by LOANI Magazine

The graceful humanitarian and peace activist is the most celebrated African woman in Europe with 8 Lifetime Achievement Awards and over 200 awards given to her for endless service to the society. She is a strong advocate for human love committed to bringing communities together.

She is a global ambassador for Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Governor at Academy Of Universal Global Peace based in New York. She is the owner and founder of Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in showbiz and leadership – BEFFTA where she has transformed thousands of lives. She is also the owner of award winning film studio East End studios, Mr and Miss East Africa UK: both initiatives support the youth.

Dr Pauline Long has also been documented and published as one of the most philanthropic African women in the world. Having mastered fully the art of giving she is known as a humanitarian who knows no boundaries when it comes to giving back to humanity.

While she is not for giving back freely she is also equally known for celebrating and paying tribute to those who deserve to be celebrated through the many award ceremonies that she organizes, fully funded by her as a way of giving back. Nobody pays for tickets to attend her awards series like the BEFFTA, WAW and several other events.

Generally most people see Dr Long as the total giver, the lover of humanity, the one who draws no boundaries when it comes to giving back because they find it extremely easy to approach her with their inner trouble. She sees herself as a servant who gets picked by the people to serve them.

She founded FEED THE STREET CHILDREN CAMPAIGN where she engaged her team to provide food to thousands of children who live on the streets in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Dr. Pauline Long is a popular TV presenter on Sky Channel 175 who has transformed thousands of lives through Pauline Long Show by giving platforms to the voiceless and fight global injustice such as abuse, extreme poverty, bullying. She is the president of Pauline Long Entrepreneurship foundation where she supplies sewing machines, food and agricultural products to women in different parts of Africa. Through the foundation she takes care of over 60 old and widowed women in Kenya and offers scholarships to over 100 students in Malawi, Zambia and Congo. She also founded Dr Pauline Long Super Cup Football tournament to empower youth from deprived backgrounds. She is currently building a multi-purpose women and community centre in Malawi. She mentors several youth through Pauline Long Empowerment and mentorship club both in UK and Africa and has recently founded a movement call YOUTH CAN TOO to encourage the youth to reach their full potential. Her focus is also on providing FREE sanitary pads to girls around the world who cannot afford them.

Her persistent and long-term support for women has led her to establish these two powerful projects: GAWW (Global Africa Women’s Week) and WAW (Women Appreciating Women). She is also the founder of Diaspora Commonwealth Community Leaders (DCCL), a programme that brings community leaders from over 30 commonwealth countries to build stronger communities and offer lasting solutions to problems faced by those in the Diaspora.

Dr Pauline Long is an ambassador and patron for over 20 charities and organizations including ambassador of The Nelson Mandela Book of Tribute.

She is the global chair person of the multicultural global organisation LOANI (Ladies of All Nations International) A women’s organisation represented in over 70 countries.

Dr Pauline Long sits in the executive board of Women Economic Forum and she is also the Chairperson of Forum for Asian, African and Caribbean Women in Politics (FAWP).

Some of the events organize by this multi-award winning humanitarian and philanthropist Dr Pauline Long include;

  • Women Appreciating Women: Women Appreciating Women is a global groundbreaking movement by women for women to appreciate and support each other in business, projects and general well-being. The powerful movement and awards has been founded by the visionary AUGP Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Pauline Long.

The key ethoses are:

1. To spread human love.

2. To lift each other up and hold doors.

3. To do business together harmoniously.

4. To support women in need and collaborate in humanitarian projects.

5. To support projects for women by women.

6. To be there for each other both on personal and professional levels.

7. To promote sisterhood globally.

8. To raise and praise each other in all aspects of life.

  • Global Africa Women’s Week: Global Africa Women’s Week is a universal movement for every African woman in every part of the globe. It is a framework for every African woman to connect through victory, injustices, struggles and business. It is an initiative established by Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation. The initiative is supported by Republic of Sierra Leone 1st Lady H.E Fatima Jabbe Maada-Bio and former president of Malawi H.E Dr Joyce Banda
  • Dr Pauline Long Awards: Award ceremony founded by Dr Pauline Long to celebrate the diamonds making this world a better place and serving humanity without boundaries.
  • 4Me 4her: 4Me 4Her is a free sanitary pads distribution programme by Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation for girls who can’t afford sanitary pads.
  • UK-African Community Leaders on the Catwalk:
  • Youth Can Too: Youth Can Too is a global initiative by Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation (PLEF) started by Dr Pauline Long to encourage the youth to show their greatness by exploring different aspects of their talent through inventions because she believes the YOUTH CAN TOO. It is a platform to share the positive contribution that the youth bring into the world.
  • Dr Pauline Long Supercup Football Tournament: Football tournament in Malawi and Kenya encouraging the youth deep in the villages to dream big and reach their potential
  • London Political Summit –

Having reviewed and analyzed all that Dr. Pauline Long has done to help humanity in various projects around the world.  The Nelas Academy based in Nigeria has listed Dr. Long in the Nelas Top 100 Most Influential personalities, and also nominated her her for The 14th Nelas Academy Awards scheduled to hold at the Nicon Luxury Abuja on 27 Oct, 2019.

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